After Mahidol University get a new status as independent university but still under government supervision by the New Mahidol University Act of 2007, the Mahidol University council would be the governing body and advisor to the President and his team who run day to day operation.  Under this new Act, the President of the council who have 4 years term will be elected and appointed by the King.

15 honorary members who have four years term and also appointed by the King will be invited from experts of various field related to University ‘s goal and objectives. One of which will be Vice President of the council.

5 representatives elected from Deans of various faculties

These 8 members will have 2 years term.

5 from elected representatives of all the faculties member

 President, Mahidol University Alumni association

 President of Faculty Senate

One elected representative of non-faculty member staff.

There is no representation from students’ body in this council

The Mahidol University Council is the main governing body to oversee the operation of the University President and his team to ensure that Mahidol university will be function at the highest efficiency and best governance to benefit our nation interest.

The council’s major roles:

  1. Approve goals, policies and giving guidance to the team of the Presidents by using performance agreement, evaluation of the Key Performance indicators.
  2. Approval of Rules, regulations and directives for all University function
  3. Approval of Budget plan, high fiscal value projects or investment or collaborations for all faculties
  4. Approval and closure of all curriculum, departments, faculties or institutes.
  5. Appointment of the President, Vice Presidents, deans, directors, chairs and others key positions
  6. Appointment of all academic ranks: Professors, Clinical professors, Research Professors etc.
  7. Creation of Governance board and committee to oversee the grievance process, Risk management and internal audit.
  8. Approval of the new University council member before sending for Royal appointment
  9. Any necessary roles that is not mentions previously